Holistic Counselling is a unique form of counselling which looks at the person in its entirety by focusing on the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul to help facilitate healing and wellness. A holistic counsellor seeks to empower the client and help them tap into their inner wisdom so that they can not only be free from pain, but start thriving in life. Holistic counselling can help you to:

→ Find greater health & vitality
→ Better cope 
with life traumas such as death, divorce or abuse

→ Tap into your inner healing power and transform your life from the inside out
→ Establish greater emotional wellbeing
→ Re-establishing a deeper connection with your Inner Self
→  Increase self-esteem and optimism

Depending on your circumstances, Madelaine might be using many forms of therapy throughout your session such as Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Meditation Therapy, NLP, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy etc. Call 0425 601 310 to book our session.


  • Are you ready to experience the power of a meditation practise?

  • Do you want to learn how to benefit the most and find your preferred style of meditation?
  • Would you like to understand how stress negatively can impact your life and what you can do to reverse it's effects?
  • Don't wait any longer, learn the tools to the art of soulful living and start reap the benefits today!

    🌱 4-Week "Meditation as Medicine" Course Starting in August at The ZEN DEN, Terrigal NSW. LIMITED SPACE, call 0425601310 to book.

Self Mastery

-For Artists, Creatives, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries.

Are you leader? Do you secretly KNOW you have a mission to serve humanity and the world? Are you afraid you will leave this planet without sharing your gifts?

Let's be honest, Self-Mastery Coaching is not for everyone. You need to be willing, open and ready to step into your own power. You will need to be ready to bare all, fail (yes, that's right) and peel off layer after layer to get to the core of YOU. Because success isn't born from playing small, it's born from failing over and over again until you succeed. Are you ready for that? Is your desire to share your gifts and serve your mission strong enough? If yes, read on:
Through our time together, we will help you connect with your own greatness by journeying to the heart of creativity and self-discovery and begin to open up to a whole new world of unlimited potential and possibilities. We will deal with any mental limitlessness, creative blocks and soul-sucking negative self-beliefs that are holding you back and help you crack the code to ultimate FLOW. It will be a hell of a ride, but it will be worth it, and I'll be with you the whole way.

Self-Mastery Coaching takes you on a journey to help you:
→ Uncover the True Power & Unlimited Potential by Re-connecting with Your Inner Genius.
→ Re-establish your connection with your Inner Self
→ Unlock your healing power and transform your life from the inside out so that you can serve your mission
→ Create the life and future you want by living your calling
→ BECOME the leader in your own life and inspire others to greatness

If you know it's time to reclaim your strength, take back control and step up and step in to your own power, let's talk.

Advanced technology to enhance your mind and your lifestyle

Use the latest unique mind media systems to attain deep, targeted brain wave states, deepen the heart brain connection and enhance deep relaxation and focus. These new technologies can help you: 

  • Break Undesirable States Like Anger
  • Reach Deep Relaxation With No Effort
  • Increase Mental Focus and FLOW
  • Accelerate Learning and Peak Performance
  • Prevent the Effects of Stress
  • Shift into a State of Balance and Self-Reliance in Minutes 

*The Mind Systems can be used as part of your Holistic Counselling/Coaching session or booked as a separate session. 

🌱 Mind Entrainment and Biofeedback machines are cutting edge devices that help explore beginning or advanced meditation, self hypnosis, sleep and dream enhancement, learning, consciousness expansion, stress management etc. Call us on 0425 601 310 to discuss your needs.




Madelaine Vallin

International Performer, Speaker and Self-Mastery Coach Madelaine Vallin has inspired millions of people across the world to reconnect to themselves and transform their lives. 

With over a decade of education within holistic counselling, meditation, positive psychology, psychotherapy & brain-body medicine, Madelaine holds a vast & deep understanding in the area of self-development.

She is in the Coaching & Speaking business as well as in the Entertainment industry, where she has became known for her transformational music and her approach on healing through art. Madelaine's music has been praised all over the world for her original contemporary sound and heartfelt melodies and her albums have been downloaded well over a million times and impacted millions of people across the globe.

Madelaine has devoted her life to the art of spiritual growth, the power of creativity and helping people transform their lives by reconnecting to themselves.












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