The Power Of The Impossible Goal.

Daily insights from Madelaine. Nuggets of wisdom to elevate your thinking. This is what I know: Mindset is Everything! Your attitude determines how you perceive your world and in turn how you create your world. So let me ask you this: Have you set an impossible goal for yourself intentionally? Most of us would never think of doing… Read More Read More

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Self-Care Without The Bubble Baths & Chocolate?

It seams to appear everywhere right now, the importance of self-care. The many times I’ve heard people tell me: “You need to look after yourself”, “Take some time off”, “You look after so many others, I really hope you look after yourself”. But what does self-care really look like? Taking time off do do “nothing” has always… Read More Read More

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When You Almost Loose It All- Are You Willing To Forgive?

So here I am, sitting right in the aftermath of what could have changed my life dramatically, forever. I have gone through every emotion during this scenario. From fear to pain, sadness to anger and compassion to pure love. It’s funny (well not funny in a “haha” sense, more interesting I guess), that when it comes to… Read More Read More

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