the right answer syndrome

 Creativity Hack 101: Squash the “Right Answer Syndrome”.

**Hey Creative Genius! Before you start reading this article, take a few moments to go through and answer/do the tasks in the picture: Ready? Could you do them all? My guess is this was not a particularly hard task.  But let me ask you this: How MANY answers did you get for each one? You… Read More Read More

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Think creativity is only for the chosen? Think again. 

We all have the ability to tap into our creativity. In fact, creativity is what will help you heal emotional pain, AND reach your next level of success. So, let me ask you this: If what you are looking for is on the other side of comfort, are you ready to get messy? You see,… Read More Read More

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Transforming Pain Through Art and Soul- The Power of Creativity

Art is free flowing and enjoyable. Always surprising, always perfect, right? Well, not really. Art can be many things, and sometimes free flowing is the least it can be! I, like so many others, have been hit by procrastination and writers block many times. For years I was struggling with my creativity and artistic talents.… Read More Read More

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