HypnoCoaching- Mental Wealth For Life & Business.

Athletes, celebrities and successful entrepreneurs have long understood the power of coaching to reach their highest potential and master their mindset. Now, HypnoCoaching is the newest trend to hone the psychological strengths of the elite and named as the “secret tool” for the wealthy and successful.

So what exactly is HypnoCoaching?

Combining the tools and techniques of Coaching with the power of Hypnotherapy, HypnoCoaching provides an even more comprehensive and integrative approach. While coaching activates more of the cognitive mind, mobilising action and focus, hypnosis helps us connect with the subconscious mind, forming beliefs, habits, and perceptions. This combination of working with your cognitive and subconscious mind makes HypnoCoaching one of the most effective ways to create real change in life and business.

How Can HypnoCoaching support me and my business?

In life and business, we are faced with continuous challenges and obstacles both mentally and physically.

Some Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face:

  • Spreading yourself too thin, focusing on too many tasks at the same time
  • Productivity Issues
  • Chronic/ Excessive stress or overwhelm
  • Fear of Failure, not feeling good enough or feelings of insecurity

As a HypnoCoach, I help entrepreneurs remove mental and emotional blocks that stop them from reaching the next level of success and fulfilment.

HypnoCoaching can help you:

  • Get better clarity
  • Become more focused
  • Work smarter, not harder, release mental, physical and emotional stress
  • Hold yourself accountable, set and reach your goals
  • Improve your quality of life/ Create an excellent work-life balance
  • Maintain self-motivation
  • Solve and clear any mental blocks that are holding you back
  • Increase your income

Investing in your mental wealth is not only good for you, it is estimated that every $1 spent on workplace mental wealth strategies reaps $2.30 in returns for your business! PwC and Beyond Blue, 2014

A Little Bit About Hypnosis:

Clinical Hypnotherapy uses a relaxed, trans-like state to bring positive change in a person's life by communicating directly to the unconscious mind. The hypnosis or the hypnotic state gives the person the ability to accept solutions as permanent and ongoing in your life. You are entirely in control of yourself and your body during hypnosis, and you can get out of hypnosis at any time (although it's so enjoyable you probably don't want to). Clinical trials and research shows hypnosis is safe and highly effective ( 95% effective with an average of 6 sessions).

Success is 80% psychology; You have the power to change your trajectory at any time you want. I love helping leaders, teachers, creatives, visionaries and entrepreneurs to reconnect to their innermost profound sense of self and live more fulfilling lives, all in conjunction with growing their business!

My clients have started or grown successful businesses, launched books, left jobs to start new careers they love, started families, mended broken relationships, ridden themselves from negative habits, made money on their creative talents and transformed their lives in ways they never thought possible.

HypnoCoaching creates a space for your vision to come true, whatever that means to you. It's a place where the magic happens. I have devoted my life to the art of inner growth and guiding you to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level, let's talk.


Madelaine Vallin

Hypno-Coach, Entrepreneur, Creative and Transformational Speaker Madelaine Vallin has inspired many people across the world to reconnect to themselves and transform their lives. 

With over a decade of education within Hypnotherapy, Holistic Counselling, Meditation, Positive Psychology, Creative FLOW, Psychotherapy & Brain-Body Medicine, Madelaine holds a vast & deep understanding in the area of self-development.

She is in the Coaching & Speaking business as well as in the Entertainment industry, where she has became known for her transformational music and her approach on healing through art. Madelaine's music has been praised all over the world for her original contemporary sound and heartfelt melodies and her albums have been downloaded over 1.5 million times and impacted thousands of people across the globe.

Madelaine has devoted her life to the art of spiritual growth, the power of creativity and helping people transform their lives and businesses by reconnecting to themselves.



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