Featuring Madelaine Vallin


International Performer, Speaker and Self-Mastery Coach Madelaine Vallin has inspired millions of people across the world to reconnect to themselves and transform their lives. 



Here's what people are saying about Madelaine:

"I'm so blessed to have the chance to chat with you, you are amazing and have given me great tools to help me get through things. You have a great compassion and understanding. You have given me hope......that there is really a silver lining to anything."


"I found everything of great interest. Know that you inspire and that your impact is a positive one. Thank you for sharing your greatness as doing so motivates people to pursue their passions. I wish you a life of glory where all your hopes and dreams come true."


"Every once in a great while you meet a soul who's light shines with everything good in this world, that is Madelaine."


"I always wanted to learn more about meditation and my session with Madelaine was amazing and opened my mind up to a whole new way of life. I got to try a few different techniques which I try to use in everyday life now. This helps to give me inner peace, clarity and reminds me to be mindful and stay in the present moment throughout the day. I definitely recommend Madelaine's life changing class."



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