It’s NOT about you, but it’s ALL about you…

I love playing with opposites. Why?

Because isn’t life full of them? The more I experience life here on earth, the more I see how life is all about paradoxes. The deeper we go, the more they show up. So here is another paradox of life, something I have been pondering on for a few days and challenged my students with too. Enjoy 🙂

💥 The fact someone doesn’t like you is not about you,
but how you feel about that is ALL about you.

💥 The fact someone yells at you is not about you,
but how you take that on and handle it is ALL about you.

💥The fact people have bullied you or treated you unfairly is not about you,
but the way you handle that is ALL about you.

Life is all about you yet it’s got nothing to do with you!

Practise staying passive and curious instead of reactive and opinionated and watch what happens. Can you let other people be whee they are and stay unaffected?

How can you use this information to your advantage?

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