“Peace has never felt so good.”


“There is no true success without deep inner peace.”

-Madelaine Vallin


Dear Achiever,

If you’re reading this, you’re likely at a significant turning point in your life. You’ve achieved so much, driven by your ambition and passion. Your impressive accomplishments are evidence of your relentless drive, showcasing your determination and dedication. Yet, you sense something is missing – a subtle emptiness. You’ve accomplished great things in your life, so why are you still not content? How do you find balance in the constant pursuit of “more”?

The constant drive to achieve more can result in various negative consequences:

👎 Burnout: The relentless quest for immediate gains can lead to burnout, jeopardising long-term success.

👎 Health Impacts: Prioritising work and material success can compromise both physical and mental well-being.

👎 Superficial Pursuits: Accumulating possessions and accomplishments without genuine appreciation often leads to a lack of fulfilment.

👎 Strained Relationships: Personal connections can suffer when work and material pursuits consistently take precedence.

👎 Stress and Anxiety: The never-ending chase for more often results in heightened stress, anxiety, and the fear of missing out.


Welcome to the next phase of your journey. It’s time for a positive change.


I understand the path you’re on, the quest for a deeper meaning in life. Through my professional career in therapy, holistic counselling, and coaching, I’ve worked with many individuals just like you, helping them navigate this profound journey and witnessing their remarkable growth.

As we embark on this journey, we’ll blend practicality with depth, creating a path deeply connected to who you are. And while I can’t predict exactly what will happen, I can assure you that this journey will profoundly transform you. I’ve guided individuals much like you through similar crossroads, helping them confront their past, regain their strength, and create their definition of a “lagom” life.

“Lagom”, (pronounced Lah-gom), a Swedish concept, encapsulates the essence of balance and moderation. It represents the idea that there is an ideal, harmonious middle ground in all aspects of life – not too much, not too little, but just right. It’s about finding contentment in sufficiency, a state where you have what you need without excessive excess. This philosophy can help you achieve a sense of equilibrium and fulfilment that may have eluded you in your pursuit of “more.”

During our partnership, we delve into 6 key areas, each offering distinct benefits:

🌟 Balance: We’ll address areas of your life that may be out of balance, guided by the Swedish principle of “Lagom,” working to restore equilibrium and significantly reducing the risk of burnout.

🌟 Well-being (Inre Frid – Inner Peace): Our journey will lead you to discover inner peace, enhancing your physical and mental well-being, ultimately resulting in a happier, healthier life.

🌟 Authentic Fulfilment: We’ll explore the common feeling among high achievers that something is missing in life and work towards finding genuine contentment in your accomplishments, fostering a deeper sense of fulfilment.

🌟 Relationships: Many high achievers grapple with various challenges in their relationships. Together, we’ll prioritise meaningful connections, strengthening your personal relationships and creating a more fulfilling social life.

🌟 Stress: We’ll tackle the constant stress and anxiety associated with the pursuit of “more,” helping you understand how to find peace in the present moment.

🌟 Success: Our partnership will empower you to achieve success that harmonises with your values and inner purpose, creating a fulfilling and sustainable path forward.


But this journey is not for everyone. Working with me requires both commitment and an openness to vulnerability. Drawing from my background in therapy and holistic philosophy, you’ll be encouraged to explore dormant aspects of yourself, confront inner struggles, and navigate through life’s challenges. Growth often comes from facing darkness and uncovering hidden truths. If you’re not ready for this, my guidance might not be the right fit.

Additionally, there’s a financial cost involved, and I work exclusively with those who are financially prepared to invest this transformative journey and are 100% ready to bring in the next chapter of their lives.

Think of this as an invitation—an opportunity to explore beyond physical boundaries. While I won’t promise it’ll be effortless, I can guarantee that every moment invested in this pursuit will bring immeasurable value.

If you’re ready for this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation, we might just be the perfect team. Together, we’ll navigate the uncharted territories of your inner world, where you may discover the missing piece you’ve been seeking.

If you’re prepared to take this important step, let’s connect.

I Frid (In Peace), Madelaine 🌿



Madelaine specialises in guiding a small number of clients each year – individuals at the pinnacle of their success yet driven by an unquenchable thirst for personal growth. These driven souls are poised for their next wave of success and yearn for a deeper, more meaningful connection to life. For those ready to embark on a transformative journey, Madelaine provides two unique avenues for one-on-one collaboration, each designed to meet individual needs and aspirations. It’s an opportunity to rediscover their inner wisdom and find a deeper sense of ‘home’ within themselves.


OPTION 1: The Great Awakening – Discover Your Soul’s Path to Fulfilment


Are you a successful individual at a pivotal juncture in life, yearning for profound fulfilment and inner clarity? Join the “The Great Awakening” journey, designed especially for those like you, individuals steeped in ambition yet seeking deeper purpose.

Finding You: Over the course of three transformative months, guided by Madelaine’s expertise, you will embark on an exploration of your true self. Drawing from her Nordic heritage, Madelaine blends mindfulness practices with scientific insights to help you unveil your deepest desires, connect to your inner wisdom and ignite inner transformation.

Balance & Alignment: Beyond mindfulness, we’ll craft a tailored roadmap to fulfilment, aligning your passions and values to create a life that resonates with your inner purpose. Discover a path that leads to joy, balance, and profound satisfaction.

Deep Shadow Work: Madelaine will lead you through the intricate terrain of your inner self. Embrace both your light and shadow aspects as stepping stones towards a more meaningful life—one where you can make a lasting impact on the world.

This exclusive 3-month programme is your opportunity to connect with your authentic self, explore the depths of your desires, and embark on a transformative journey towards profound fulfilment.

Invest in Your Great Awakening: $15k – 1 Spot Available for 2024.


OPTION 2: Luminary Empowerment – For the Committed Seekers of Inner Mastery and Transformation


Journey through the “Four Levels of Transformation” and unearth the depths of your being. This immersive 5-month odyssey is meticulously crafted for individuals wholeheartedly devoted to their inner evolution. If you’re unwavering in your quest to explore your life’s story, embrace the full spectrum of your identity, and unearth the dragons lurking in your shadows, this journey awaits you.

Discover Your Life’s Story (Level 1): Beyond the surface, we delve into the chapters of your life, exploring the experiences that have shaped you. Together, we’ll illuminate the narrative that has brought you to this transformative moment.

Embrace Your Multifaceted Identity (Level 2): In this stage, we confront both the light and shadow aspects of your identity. We acknowledge the dragons lurking in your shadows, those inner demons that have gone unchallenged for too long.

Cultivate Inner Knowing (Level 3): As you journey forward, you’ll connect with your wise self—the part of you that holds profound wisdom and guidance. This is your compass for navigating the complexities of your inner world and life’s path.

Ignite Deeper Knowing (Level 4): Beyond the self, we’ll explore your aspirations to leave a lasting legacy and serve a higher purpose. This stage delves into the spiritual, connecting you with a profound sense of purpose that extends beyond your individual self.

For those ready to venture into the depths of their inner world, this 5-month odyssey is an unwavering commitment to self-mastery, transformation, and the creation of a legacy. Are you prepared to embark on this profound journey of inner exploration and empowerment?

Luminary Empowerment Investment: $25k – 1 Spot Available for 2024.



Due to limited spaces, one-on-one sessions with Madelaine are only accepted by referral or application. Please click on the link to start the process.




About Madelaine Vallin:

Madelaine is a Master Holistic Counsellor and Mental Health Practitioner with a specialisation in coaching high-achieving and ambitious individuals, guiding them towards deeper fulfilment and self-connection. Her expertise is centred on helping individuals at the peak of their careers balance ambition with inner peace. In addition to her private practice, she is the visionary founder of the Australian School of Holistic Counselling, committed to educating the next generation of Holistic Counsellors and coaches.

Madelaine’s work is deeply influenced by her Swedish heritage, which has played a pivotal role in the development of Nordic mindfulness, an essential element of her coaching methodology. Her approach seamlessly integrates therapy, holistic counselling, and coaching, all firmly rooted in the transformative “Four Levels of Transformation” framework.

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