cover“We all have a gift, a reason to be here on the planet and this gift is screaming for you to give it some attention and love. You owe it to yourself and to the people around you to share your uniqueness with the world.”
~ from The Art of Soulful LIVING~


Madelaine “Mirva” Vallin shares her experiences and knowledge as a creative soul and shows you how to tap into your endless supply of creativity and inspiration within. Join her on a journey to the heart of self-discovery and start to open up to a whole new world of unlimited potential and possibilities.


The Book Explores:
• creating the life you want by living through the heart
• simple steps to deal with pain and mental blocks
• how to stay connected to your inner self
• the power of collectivity
• aligning yourself in a busy world
• getting rich from the inside out
• the importance of mindfulness
• accessing an unlimited flow of creativity
and much much more…

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