Are you frustrated and feeling like your dream life is going to forever remain just a dream?

Are you stuck in a rut, or feeling like you have to live out somebody else's’ ideas of how life should be?

Welcome to Mad About Life
- a revolutionary product developed by Madelaine Vallin and Kim Serafini of MindPT.

MindPT or Mind Power Technology, takes the work out of self-work and offers fun, bite-sized, personal growth lessons on demand and a new way to create positive thought habits that drive your success and happiness!

MindPT is a simple, user-friendly and effective approach to personal development that integrates:

  • Neuroscience (how we learn)

  • Positive Psychology (how we upgrade)

  • Technology (making new ideas stick in an innovative, fast, efficient & effective way)

  • On-the-go, on-demand peak performance

  • SIMPLE to use… FAST results… EFFECTIVE change… and yes, it’s FUN!

Nothing could be easier!

Upgrade your thought habits and achieve MASSIVE success! Sign up now to get your copy of Mad About Life and start and see just how this is the game-changing tool that will make the biggest difference in your life!


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