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Did you know, studies show:

👉 If your parents are divorced, your risk of having a stroke doubles 60 years later
👉 Men that have been sexually abused have triple the rate of heart attacks as adults
👉 Girls who have fathers who are distant emotionally are going to menstruate earlier than girls who have fathers who are close to them
👉 Married women (followed over a 10 year period) who didn’t express their emotions but suppressed them were more likely to die earlier than women who do express their emotions.

How do we explain such facts?

Gabor Mate tells us you can’t explain it genetically as genes don’t change that much over one generation, and you can’t explain it by diet or climate as this doesn’t change from one gender to another.

It all has to do with psychological and emotional relationships and our basic need for attachment.

Attachment is the drive to be close to another person for the purpose to be taken cared of and to care for somebody else. If our attachments are unhealthy, the body, mind and soul will express this.

“An integrated scientific framework for child survival & early childhood development” tells us:

“Growing scientific evidence also demonstrates that social and physical environments that threaten human development (because of scarcity, stress, or instability) can lead to short-term physiologic and psychological adjustments that are necessary for immediate survival and adaptation, but which may come at a significant cost to long-term outcomes in learning, behaviour, health, and longevity.”

In other words:
The things do to survive stress in the early years, not that they do the consciously, but the adaptations that they are forced to come to the same adaptations that helped them to survive as a child actually make them sick later on.

You can’t separate the emotion to the physiological aspect of ourselves
You can’t separate the individual from the environment, not when it comes to understanding anything.


So let’s stop for a minute and tune in. How can you use this information to your advantage?

Is it time to finally do the inner work. Stop the blame, shame and suffering and heal the only thing you can heal, YOU.

I’m here for you

Facts taken from Dr. Gabor Mate’s talk on Trauma & Recovery

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