The Biggest Problem With Humankind Isn’t Greed, It’s much Deeper.

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Many think the biggest problem with the world is people’s greed. I beg to differ, it goes far beyond greed.

The biggest problem us humans are facing is the fact almost all of us are trying to fill a void or an emptiness inside of us that feels too uncomfortable to face.

Maybe you were hurt as a child. Maybe you’ve never felt loved. Perhaps you had to grow up too quick or you had to deal with loss.

Your emptiness needs to be solved from the inside out, still most of us think it’s the other way around.

What are you using to fill your emotional void? Until you face the truth of who you are you cannot heal and you cannot expect others to either.

What would happen if you’d stop trying to solve the world from the outside and started solving your world from the inside?

Loving you. x

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