The biggest reason I continue to engage with Madelaine is that she has a versatile set of skills that she uses to help me reach my goals. When I work with Madelaine, I get access to a new way of seeing my world and myself, and with it, a new set of options become available. I don’t have to worry about being stuck anymore. Madelaine is not for everyone. But if you are someone who is ready to step up your game and need someone with a diverse set of skills to help you navigate your own unique roadblocks the create your path to success, she’s the person you want as your guide.
– Nimah

My sessions with Madelaine were truly invaluable and exactly what I needed at this time. With acuity, compassion, and wisdom, she accompanied me on my journey, offering insights and knowledge that helped me change my perspectives. Her support and affirmation of my self-belief, along with the recognition of my true skills and gifts, resulted in a prize of continual personal growth. This process has reignited a stronger sense of purpose and confidence in me, transforming what I thought had stalled into a journey of ongoing development.
– Stuart 

Madelaine’s skilful use of powerful questioning and holding space creates an environment that encourages deep introspection. With Madelaine’s guidance, I’ve been able to unearth layers of my true self, and her support has been nothing short of powerful. She has helped me not only embrace but also celebrate who I am. I’m immensely grateful for her coaching.
– Lenore

Madelaine has a beautiful, nourishing presence about her that allowed me to open up, speak and express my rawness and vulnerability at any given moment. Before working with Madelaine, I was confused, alone and lacked direction in my personal and professional life. Madelaine gave me the space to open up and feel heard. I always felt uplifted, empowered, energised and clear in my direction after each one of our sessions.
– Liz

With Madelaine’s help, I found a deeper meaning in my job, which helped me find a renewed and exciting new vision for my business. Madelaine is not just a coach, she focuses in all areas of life and she has helped me find my mission and purpose again, both in life and business. I highly recommend her skills for those who are looking to change their life and business from ordinary to extraordinary!
– Ingrid

Peace has never felt so good.

“Madelaine’s gentle but powerful approach to both coaching and therapy has had a profound effect on my life, from working through big traumatic events to using practical and subtle processes to improve my life. I can’t thank you enough for the position I now find myself in Madelaine and will be forever grateful for my time working with you.
– Sharni

“As a result of my coaching with Madelaine, I have been able to become more aware of myself and my perception of the world, my needs and strengths. The changes within me from the sessions have had a major impact on my life internally and externally.”
– Luciane

I feel like I have learned more than I could have possibly imagined. I have been constantly inspired and motivated to not only work on myself, but build a brand to go forth with to share all my knowledge. The self-discovery has been immeasurable and it fills me with gratitude to think about how much more I can to learn, grow and share.
– Alexandra


“Hey Mum, what are those hills over there?” I asked, my young voice brimming with curiosity. A tender smile graced her lips as her gaze followed my outstretched finger towards the distant hills. “What you’re looking at, dear, is a resting place for our ancestors from many, many years ago. Back when Vikings roamed this land, they laid their loved ones to rest here, and those hills mark the spots where those brave Vikings were buried.”

In the heart of the enchanting Nordic lands lies a profound concept known as “Inre Frid,” a cherished practice deeply ingrained in Swedish culture. At its essence, “Inre Frid” translates to “inner peace” or “inner calm” – a state of mind and being that the Nordic people hold dear as a pathway to mindfulness and tranquillity. In the bustling world of today, finding solace amidst the chaos is a universal desire.…”

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