Coaching is like singing jazz: Even though you may be singing the same song, you will never sing it the same way twice.
I don’t believe in working the same way with every client. I never use the same technique twice with someone, and I regularly create new techniques with clients on the spot. I also don’t believe in 7-step formulas, and I am always suspicious when someone proclaims they have the answer to someone else’s success.
Success is fluid and layered. It means different things to different people. Therefore, to think that we can cookie-cutter success and create something that fits all people is ludicrous.
A framework, however, can be very powerful if used correctly. What I love about frameworks is that you can work within them with great freedom, improvisation and intuition. A good framework can help you stay focused and centred, but it will give you enough space to individualise it.
So, let’s look at a success framework tool for Empathpreneurs:
Success as an empathpreneur is layered, just like any other success. What success means to you will mean something different to the next empathpreneur in here. It’s important to remember this when you are building your business. Even though you are studying the same course as someone else, you are still an original. Believe me, I have listened to many of you telling me what you want to create, and you all have your own innovative ideas!
That said, even though you may have different visions and ideas on what success is, there are certain areas that, when combined, will help you create the success you want to achieve.


Are you a heart-centred, driven individual that wants to make a difference in his world? Then this success framework is for you. Cultivating all three areas of this framework creates a foundation to succeed long-term as an empathpreneur. So let’s play:


This is an easy one, right! You wouldn’t call yourself an empathpreneur if you didn’t consider yourself heart-centred. Since you are reading this, my guess is that you are empathic, giving, caring, and deeply connected to yourself and the world around you. You can go ahead and tick that box. 🙂


So you are heart-centred, wonderful! But do you know what you want to create and HOW you want to help make the world a better place? Do you have a clear vision? Many empathpreneurs are so hooked on making a difference they care more about being of service than actually tuning in to what they truly are inspired to put into this world. Creating, or honing in, on our vision is an integral part of empathpreneurship. Sometimes, this takes time and a bit of digging to get to the core of our true vision.


Ok! So you might be heart-centred, great. And you might have a clear vision, excellent! But, what about drive? Do you have the inspiration and the motivation to move your dream into reality? **You see, success is quite boring when you look at it in small increments. **Not until you look in the rearview mirror will we see our success. I always smile when I hear someone starting up a business and, after six months, is complaining it didn’t work and gives up. It takes decades to build something extraordinary! I started my career 30 years ago, and only now am I beginning to come into my own and reap the rewards. Success takes time, much longer than we think. We need to be in it for the long haul to succeed, and for that, you need DRIVE.
***So what happens if you are heart-centred and you have a vision? ***Not much. You would do a w whole lot of dreaming and visualising but with no results as you are not taking action.
***What about when you are heart-centred, and you have the drive but lack a clear vision? ***You will feel lost as you have no obvious destination to move towards. You would also feel a lack of deep purpose, maybe even confused or frustrated.
***And lastly, what happens when you have the vision and the drive but are not heart-centred? ***Well, this is when the unhealthy ego would take hold, and you would find yourself being more interested in personal gains rather than making a difference.
Success is when all of these aspects meet and conglomerate into one beautiful symphony. This is the work, that’s when the magic happens.
I have been lacking in all of these areas from time to time. But the thing is, as long as we keep integrating all three parts, that’s ok.
It can be tough to do the deep work required to succeed on your own because it’s literally impossible to see our own limitations! That’s why clients come to me for support, and it’s why I have my own support too.
For passionate visionaries and change-makers, coaching is not an expense; it’s an investment. Having someone in your corner that helps you draw out your greatness is priceless if you are in this for the long haul. That’s the only game I like to play, how about you?

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