Do You Need Transactional or Transformational Coaching?

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Is there a BIG difference between coaching and coaching? You bet! And they seam to go into 2 main categories: Transactional and Transformational. So, which one do you need? Keep reading to find out.

Many coaches see coaching as 💳 TRANSACTIONAL, meaning they focus on solving a specific problem or task with their clients. Many transactional coaches have a 7 step program to help you reach you goal or they might have specific tasks and hoops you need to jump through to each your goals.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with transactions coaching per se, I use it sometimes too. But this form of coaching is just scratching the surface of what’s possible for you. It’s too much on the surface, too vague and too shallow.

Why would you want to use your energy getting what you *think you want only to find out it wasn’t what you *really wanted????

For me, great coaching is TRANSFORMATIONAL. It focuses on possibilities, self-awareness and blends the soul, body, mind and spirit into the mix.

The people who are drawn to this form of coaching know there is more to their desires and mental blocks than what the eye can see. They are interested in going deep below the surface and explore what’s REALLY going on.

They want Deep insights, internal nourishment and seek to find greater meaning and more alignment.

People who are drawn to transformational coaching are not interested in another possession just for the sake of it. They have the wealth and everything they need on the outside. Instead, they long for purpose and a feeling of great belonging.

It can be hard for transformational facilitators to explain what we do, especially to someone that isn’t open to this kind of deep inner work. Our work isn’t for everyone, not by a long shot. Not everyone wants to seek in the depths of themselves, most people just want the end result. And if you are reading this and feel that is you, that’s totally ok! We will probably never work together but there are plenty of people out there that work with supporting people like yourself.

The people who become my clients understands the benefits of doing great inner work. They KNOW it’s the way forward for them. They are ready to explore and get to know themselves in a whole new way and they are ready, willing and driven to take the leap.

There’s nothing better than facilitating someones inner transformation. It’s a true gift to see you begin to thrive and deeply connect to your own wisdom. ♡

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