Do You Want To Grow? STOP Surrounding Yourself With The “Right” People.

In our quest for personal and spiritual growth, it’s common to seek out like-minded individuals who share our values and beliefs. After all, surrounding ourselves with people who understand us can be comforting. However, what if I told you that this approach might actually hinder your growth? To truly evolve, we should challenge ourselves to embrace diversity and spend time with those who are different from us.

The Comfort of Familiarity

It’s human nature to gravitate towards people who are similar to us. We feel more at ease with those who share our worldviews, interests, and values. This tendency is understandable because it provides a sense of belonging and validation. But herein lies the paradox: while surrounding ourselves with the “right” people or “your tribe” might be comfortable and serve a purpose, it can also be limiting.

The Power of Diversity

Personal and spiritual growth often happens outside our comfort zone. It occurs when we expose ourselves to new perspectives and ideas. When we interact with people who have different beliefs, cultures, and experiences, we open ourselves up to a world of learning and personal development.

A Memorable Encounter

Allow me to share a story that highlights the importance of this principle. A few years back, I attended a spiritual event where I had the opportunity to meet a self-proclaimed spiritually enlightened individual known in their community. We started chatting as I was part of organising the event. As we didn’t know each other, our conversation revolved around small talk initially.

However, it wasn’t long before this individual, highly regarded in the spiritual community, candidly stated, “I can’t deal with this small talk; it really bores me.” This statement caught me off guard, and it left a lasting impression.

This encounter revealed a fascinating paradox: here was a person considered spiritually enlightened, someone who had likely spent countless hours in deep meditation and contemplation, yet they struggled with everyday social interactions that were outside of their usual norm. It became evident that they were more accustomed to solitude, focusing intensely on their religious practices and inner spiritual journey.

The Lesson Learned

The lesson from this encounter was clear. Spiritual growth shouldn’t be a means to isolate ourselves from the world or create an ivory tower of enlightenment. Instead, it should empower us to navigate the complexities of life with grace and compassion. While solitude and deep introspection have their place in spiritual development, it’s equally important to connect with others, especially those who may challenge our perspectives and push us out of our comfort zones.

This person’s admission reminded me that true spiritual growth involves finding a balance between our inner spiritual practices and our engagement with the world around us. It’s about being present, adaptable, and open to diverse experiences and people. Ultimately, our ability to stay connected and empathetic in situations outside of our comfort zone is a measure of our spiritual growth.

Incorporating this lesson into my own spiritual journey, I’ve since sought out opportunities to engage with people of differing beliefs and backgrounds, recognising that it’s through these interactions that I continue to evolve and deepen my understanding of spirituality.

Continuing the Journey

Growing spiritually isn’t about excluding ourselves from what doesn’t feel good. Growth happens when we get into the pit and are still able to not be triggered.

So, challenge yourself to engage with people who are different from you, question your own beliefs, and spend time with your relatives, even when it’s challenging. In these moments, you’ll discover the true essence of spiritual growth.


The pursuit of spiritual growth should lead us to embrace diversity rather than seek out sameness. While it may be tempting to surround ourselves with those who share our beliefs, the most profound growth occurs when we venture beyond our comfort zones.

It’s in the midst of diversity and discomfort that we find opportunities for self-discovery, empathy, and transformation. So, challenge yourself to engage with people who are different from you, question your own beliefs, and spend time with your relatives, even when it’s challenging. In these moments, you’ll discover the true essence of spiritual growth.

What’s YOUR insight reading this? Do you tend to remove yourself from things or people you do not agree with? And how does this removal relate to your own growth? Reflect on these questions as you embark on your own spiritual journey of growth and discovery.

I Frid, Madelaine 🌿

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