Embrace Your Own Immortality to Live Fully

Dark times often receive a bad reputation in the world of self-help mantras and positive affirmations that encourage us to “focus on what makes you happy” or “move towards pleasure and stay away from pain.” However, the truth is, life wouldn’t be worth living if it weren’t for the contrast provided by the dark. 🖤 Let me explain:

In Nordic countries, a substantial part of the year is shrouded in darkness. In some regions, the sun literally doesn’t rise, requiring residents to trust that it will emerge again. Yet, during the same year, these countries also experience periods of constant daylight, where the sun never sets. In these moments of perpetual light, there’s a need to bask in its warmth while being acutely aware that darkness is inevitable.

Darkness, metaphorically and literally, plays a crucial role in our lives. It humbles us, fosters growth, and connects us to our truth. Without it, motivation and drive would lack the depth and resilience needed for a truly fulfilling life.

So, the question becomes: Do you truly live life to the fullest? The answer lies in how well you embrace the concept of death. 💀

“Measure the richness of life by how comfortably you embrace the thought of mortality.”

– Madelaine Vallin

Understanding and embracing your own mortality is the key to unlocking a richer, more meaningful life. The impermanence of life on Earth is what gives it such profound significance. Life gains its depth and beauty precisely because it is finite; without death, it would be less meaningful—an ultimate paradox.

In Sweden, there exists a concept known as “döstädning,” which translates to death cleaning. This practice involves decluttering and organising our homes and possessions before we pass away, not only to ease the burden on our loved ones but also to remind ourselves of life’s transience. Death cleaning prompts us to recognise that material possessions hold less meaning than we often ascribe to them and encourages us to focus on what truly matters. Knowing that death is inevitable serves as a poignant reminder to live our lives in a way that leaves the world as gracefully as we entered—or perhaps, in an even better state.

Just as there can be no light without darkness, there can be no darkness without light. To live fully, we must embrace both ends of the spectrum. It’s the interplay between life and death, light and darkness, that creates the tapestry of a truly rich and fulfilling existence. So, embrace your own immortality, acknowledge the transient nature of life, and live each moment with a profound appreciation for its impermanence.

Exploring Your Relationship With Darkness & Light:

  1. Reflect on your relationship with darkness and death: Take some time to sit with your thoughts and feelings about darkness and death. Consider how comfortable you are with these concepts and what emotions they evoke within you. Explore the role that darkness plays in your life, both metaphorically and literally. Reflect on how your upbringing, cultural background, and personal experiences have shaped your perception of darkness and death. Journaling or engaging in deep introspection can help you gain insights into your relationship with these fundamental aspects of existence.
  2. Embrace the practice of death cleaning: Inspired by the Swedish tradition of “döstädning,” embark on your own journey of decluttering and organising your living space with a focus on mortality. Set aside dedicated time to systematically go through your belongings and assess their significance in your life. As you sift through each item, consider its emotional and practical value. Ask yourself: Does this object bring me joy? Does it serve a meaningful purpose in my life? If not, contemplate letting it go. Remember, death cleaning is not just about tidying up for the sake of it; it’s a profound practice that invites us to confront our mortality and prioritise what truly matters. By simplifying your surroundings, you’ll not only free up physical space but also cultivate mental clarity and emotional well-being. Use this process as an opportunity to embrace the impermanence of life and create a living environment that reflects your values and priorities. Death cleaning isn’t just for the end of life—it’s a practice for life, reminding us to live intentionally and cherish each moment. Through death cleaning, you’ll not only create a more harmonious living space but also cultivate a deeper appreciation for the present moment and the transient nature of existence.

🌿 I Frid (In Peace), Madelaine

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