How’s Your Focus?

Breathing is one of the only systems in our body that can be controlled both voluntarily, through the central nervous system, and involuntarily, through the autonomic nervous system. We don’t have to think of taking another breath to survive, it happens to us. Still, we can choose to take deeper breaths and control our breathing to change our state. 😮‍💨 

Think of focus the same way. When we don’t pay attention, focus happens for us automatically. For example: We don’t need to focus on walking, we just do it. We don’t need to pay 💯 attention when brushing our teeth🦷, our bodies know how to do it. 

Focus is automatic thanks to our subconscious, but it’s also controllable. We can choose to focus on a thought pattern, an event or a feeling instead of letting our focus free to wander wherever it wants. And we can consciously choose to switch our focus whenever we like and thereby influence the outcome. 

Next time you are reminded of what’s “wrong” in your life remember:  Focus is like breathing, voluntary and involuntary. By consciously switching the focus to how we want to feel we will influence the outcome. Soon enough the favoured feeling and outcome will be happening automatically, just like breathing. ♥️

Most of us focus on trying to fix the stuff we cannot control. In fact, most of us are wired to believe it’s the only way to create anything. 

What’s one small step you can take to use this knowledge to your advantage today?

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