Hi, my name is Madelaine and I’m Weird.

– I have a secret team of advisors that I communicate with that you can’t see.
– I talk to myself out loud.
– I love walking in the pouring rain.
– I meditate, journal and speak to my invisible advisors every morning.
– I wake up with songs or ideas in my head and end up in the bathroom at 2 am whispering messages into my dictaphone not to forget.
– I hardly drink alcohol anymore, and I’ve given up almost all caffeine.
– Big parties make me feel exhausted and bored.
– I don’t like being the centre of attention in a casual setting.
– I love being the centre of attention on stage.
– I value freedom so much that I chose to live on the other side of the planet just because I could.
– I don’t like small spaces, places or mentalities.
– I struggle with neediness in both myself and others.
– I hate being judged; still, I do it to myself all the time.
– I regularly blame myself for not being good enough or advanced enough in life.
– I help people return home to themselves, but I have struggled with that exact thing myself for most of my life.
– Sometimes I’m so scared of being judged I stop doing what I’m supposed to be doing and procrastinate.
– Even though I don’t like to admit it, I am far from perfect. In fact, I have come to realise that I will never be perfect. That scares the crap out of me, and it feels liberating at the same time.
– Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite when people call me a transformational teacher or a thought leader. All I’m really doing is trying to transform myself to become a better person and share that journey with others…. over and over and over again.
– I’m excellent at pinpointing other people’s greatness, and I’m terrible at reminding myself of my own.
So WHY would somebody want to work with someone like me?
My clients tell me they are attracted to work with me because my drive and passion inspire them. But what they also tell me is that they decided to work with me because of my ability to be vulnerable.
We all have flaws and limitations. However, it seems that seeing somebody embracing their shortcomings with care and confidence reminds us that anything is possible no matter who we are or the circumstances.
Think your imperfections and weirdness make you weak and powerless? Think again.
Because of my imperfections, I am extremely good at helping someone thrive through a crisis by allowing their drive, passion and heart-centeredness to lead the way.
Being on both the good and the bad side of creativity & business, i.e. barely surviving as a starving artist and thriving as a successful entrepreneur, I have become highly skilled at seeing other people’s limitations AND potential.
I have built a million-dollar company and a prolific private practice from a vision and an idea in my head, and I am now known for using creativity, intuition and innovation to help extract the gold in my clients.
It’s easy to share our wins and achievements and pretend that we have it all worked out. It’s easy to take beautiful pictures of ourselves and make our story sound impressive and polished. But how can we connect deeply to someone when we only share our best selves or the end result of something?
What is edgy is telling the less swanky story behind the facade. When you tell that tale and show your vulnerability, not only does it help you connect deeply with someone, it also gives the person listening permission to accept their vulnerability.
So what makes you weird? And what gifts does your weirdness bring you?
In Love. Madelaine 🧡

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