Nordic Minimalism: Embracing Simplicity in a Modern World

Recently, I’ve noticed that life seems to be flying past so fast. I feel like I’m bombarded with information, tasks, to-do lists, and distractions more than ever. I’ve been delving deep and analysing why I feel so overwhelmed and cluttered in my mind lately. Sure, having a family and being a business owner keeps you busy, but this feeling is different somehow. It’s as if there’s never any space or silence, just constant noise. On top of this, I have also started seeing this in my clients. Many complain about feeling overwhelmed and lacking calm. There has to be more to this than just being busy!

So, I decided to go back to my Nordic roots, as I usually do when things feel out of place or unsettling. I thought back to a time when life felt simpler, and I had more mental breathing room. What did we do then that we don’t do now? Or more, what did we NOT do then that we do now? Well, for one, there were fewer distractions. Nowadays, we are continuously bombarded with information. Whether it’s switching on our phones, turning on the TV, or hopping in the car with the radio blaring, we live in a world that bombards us incessantly. On top of that, nowadays we’re tracked through our lives by different devices and apps, bombarded with targeted ads that infiltrate our every online move. This causes a massive confusion in our minds and ultimately erodes our free will because we’re constantly receiving subliminal messages about what we should do, how we should think, what we should eat, and how we should live our lives. It’s a feeling of being overwhelmed to the brim, and not in a good way. No wonder we feel overwhelmed!

Think about how this affects our mental state and overall well-being! It has a significant impact! Therefore, I’ve made a firm decision to take action and regain control. It’s time to simplify life and adopt a more minimalist lifestyle, prioritising what truly matters. This means returning to the Nordic way of living, cherishing simplicity and reconnecting with our core values. I know it may be challenging to do so in today’s world because oftentimes, we’re not even aware of how deeply affected we are by modern living. Nevertheless, if we aspire to lead fulfilling lives, I genuinely believe it’s the only way forward.

The decluttering has started!

First on the agenda: decluttering.

I’ve realised that I’ve accumulated so much stuff over the years, cluttering up my home and my life. In this age of instant gratification, where we can order anything and have it delivered within 24 hours, our brains and dopamine levels are constantly stimulated. This can make us believe that the next purchase will bring happiness, even though we know cognitively that’s not true. Instead of adding to the clutter, I’m starting to remove it.

Yesterday, I began clearing out parts of my home, intending to get rid of a few things but ended up purging more than I expected. And with each item donated or recycled, I felt a weight lifting off my shoulders. This is just the beginning of simplifying my life, focusing on what I truly need, love, and use.

Do you ever feel like your brain is on overload? Is the constant need for stuff crowding out what really matters: meaningful relationships, personal growth, enriching experiences, and deep connections? This is my journey from a cluttered brain to a life of simplicity and space, will you join me?

🌿 I Frid (in peace), Madelaine

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