*This article may trigger some of you. If this is you, excellent! Some of the BEST insights and inspiration come from triggers (hence why this article was written in the first place).

Are you a practitioner looking for marketing tips to help drive clients away? Follow this list, and you will be 100% sure to repel clients by the bucket load!

1: Hide your prices. Be secretive about your prices, and do not tell anyone what you charge unless they get on a call with you.

2: Ask for people’s emails so they can download basic content. Ensure you have funnels for every bit of content to track your potential clients and prospects.

3: Work hard to look good. Tell everyone about your successes and keep your failures secret.

4: Say yes to everyone. Take every opportunity no matter what. Claim you can help everyone.

5: Claim to know everything. Don’t worry about integrity. Claim to know the best path for your clients.

6: Be needy. Try and hook people in by offering clarity calls and ooze secrecy. Try reaching as many people as possible with as little content as possible.

So there you have it! Your six step guide to repel clients!

Ok, so what if you want to create clients? What’s the list for that?

Well, the good thing about knowing what NOT to do is that it helps you know what TO do!


1- STOP hiding your prices

The only people who hide their prices on their website are people who are either so busy they don’t need a client, or they want to LOOK like they are so busy they don’t need a client. And honestly, the only person that probably doesn’t need another client in our industry is Tony Robbins. Have you been told by some marketing guru keeping your prices hidden so you can get on a call with someone and sell your services is the best way? Newsflash: There is nothing more unsexy than a needy salesperson, and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than being a needy salesperson, so avoid both at all costs! If you would like more clients, be open about your prices! And if this feels embarrassing, you are either charging too much for what you offer, or you need to do some inner work to determine why your prices make you feel so uncomfortable.

2- STOP asking for people’s emails so they can download basic content

How many things have you had to sign up for to get the most basic information on someone’s site only to be bombarded with emails afterwards trying to get you to sign up for their course or services? This tactic may have worked a few years back, but with the information avalanche hitting us from all sides, this bombardment will likely annoy you instead of getting you to sign up! Here’s a novel idea: Give away A LOT of content without hooks!! Indirectly, this will create amazing clients and repel those not meant for you! I know this may sound scary when every marketing guru is telling you to “gather leads” but let me ask you this: Would you rather have 10 clients that you have had to convince working with you, or would you rather have 2 clients that are committed to working with you because THEY have made the choice? If you have to convince people to work with you, you are not working on our Output (more on that later).

3- STOP trying to look good

Quit trying to look more educated, experienced, or anything else to sell your services. Otherwise, you will have to try and live up to these false premises during every session working with your client! You have enough knowledge to help your clients, so be authentic in your approach and don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable sides.

4- STOP saying yes to everyone

If you feel they are not the right client for you during a sales call and you feel you cannot help them at this time, refer them! I get calls weekly from people I know will get better support from someone else, and I refer them every time. Sometimes these people come back to me a few years later as they are in a different space, but most of the time, they don’t. My main objective is to ensure I do the best for the client, which sometimes means I need to refer.

5- STOP claiming to know the best path for your client:

You DO NOT 100% know the right path for your client, ever! ONLY your client knows this. We, as Holistic Counsellors, are NOT more advanced, nor are we more enlightened. It’s our job to constantly lean into our humility and remind ourselves we are not the experts. Our clients are. Here’s a beautiful quote that helps me remember this:

Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two, my life moves.

– Nisargadatta Maharaj

6- STOP being needy

We all know what it feels like to be around someone too needy: It’s creepy! Still, so many in our profession show off their neediness, believing no one sees it! Wrong. Neediness is super easy to see and feel! 


– Quit offering 30-minute clarity call sessions to everyone.

Let’s call a clarity call session what it is: A SALES PITCH!

If you truly think a client would benefit from your services, offer them a full session. Or (big surprise) tell them you KNOW you can support them! Yes! There’s nothing wrong with being honest about telling them you can help them IF you are authentic about it. There are times I tell a potential client I would love to work with them as I KNOW it would be life-changing. But I certainly do not say it to everyone. It’s saved for the 1%!

– Quit assuming everyone needs to hear what you have to say

Not everyone will benefit from your thoughts, so stop assuming they will and start supporting people ready to listen. Instead, focus on creating content that speaks to your community and connects with them!

– Quit using the [at]everyone tag on social media

Anyone else thinks this new tag is the PERFECT example of how needy someone is? Honestly, using the [at]everyone tag is a form of abuse to your community. By using it, you assume everyone in your community is the same and needs the same message. Quite frankly, this is both self-centred and inconsiderate, so stop using it! By trying desperately to serve everyone, you serve no one. So ditch the tag, trust in your abilities and focus on creating, not satisfying your ego’s need to be heard.


Focus on Output, not Input.

The truth is you have very little control over whether people sign up for your courses or want to work with you (Input). 

However, you can control what you put out and how you do it (Output). So instead of focusing on landing your next clients (plural), focus on long-term success by creating courses, content etc., that connect with ONE person! By consistently speaking and sharing openly and passionately about your work and creating opportunities to work with you, you are laying the foundation for a profitable future practice.

In other words, focus on what you put out. Speak to one person at a time and CREATE, CREATE, CREATE, CREATE, CREATE! Don’t track the money that comes in. Instead, track the amount of money you make in PROPOSALS by speaking about what you do to potential clients, not how much money comes into the bank. The more money you create in proposals to the right people, the more you make over time!

Love Madelaine

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