The Art of Holding Space For Ourselves

In therapy, we often talk about the importance of “holding space” for our clients. By holding space, we mean being able to hold room for whatever thoughts and feelings come up and create a place of non-judgment and total acceptance throughout the session.

There’s an art to holding space; it’s one of those things that cannot be taught through a book. It needs to be experienced and practised to be fully understood. Practising the art of holding space includes leaning into compassion and the stillness that resides between our client and us. It also includes holding our clients to their highest potential and always seeing them as a whole and complete no matter how broken they feel.

There is something magical about holding this space, something sacred. It reminds me of that feeling you get when you enter a church or a holy place. Even though I am not religious per se, you can feel an energy in there that cannot be explained, only felt.

I love holding space for clients. It’s a true honour to witness the unravelling of someone’s thoughts and then witness their step towards a new way of seeing.

When we allow people the space to seek and explore themselves in this way, they begin to channel their own wisdom. Answers become clearer, and they just know what to do. It’s almost like magic, but unlike magic that tends to happen occasionally, this magic happens all of the time.

There is a way you can start using the art of space holding for yourself too. It’s a beautiful way to connect deeply with yourself and lean into your inner layers.

So let’s practise holding space for ourselves right now:

Allow yourself now to close your eyes. Take a few slow breaths in and our of your nose. Each breath calling you into yourself. Deeper and deeper you go. Into your inner world, into the space in between the melody of your life.

Take a moment to meet yourself in this space. Smile and in your minds eye greet yourself hello.

You have entered the sacred space of you. A space of calm and peace. The space is yours and your only job is to practice to hold this space for a long as you, can no matter what feelings or thoughts come up.

To hold the space is all about you.
You might feel there is an excitement. Hold a space for it.
You might sense a need. Hold the space for it.
You might feel there is love. Hold space…
Feel the inside and outside world unite.
Let go of the past, the future, what will be and what was.

Hold the space for all of you and all of human kind.

And then let the space hold you.
Let the space feed you.
Let it breathe you.
Let it warm the inside of you as gently as the morning breeze.
Listen closely, let it hold you.
Listen softly, let it take you.
Let is caress your soul, letting go, losses no more.
Completely whole.
Feeling yourself standing at the doorway of yourself.
Packed and ready to go.
Eternally grateful, completely whole.

I hope this serves you and inspires you to begin to visit your sacred space inside.

In Love. Madelaine ♥️

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