The Perfection of Things NOT Going To Plan

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I didn’t plan to work with complex trauma and deep emotional pain in my professional life.

In fact, those were the 2 things that scared me the most starting this profession. (my supervisor laughed at me the other day as I told her this, guess she knew before I did!)

When I started this profession I wanted to help people elevate life. You know, go from good to GREAT sort of thing… nothing too deep, nothing to traumatic…
I made a decision in my mind that deep trauma was a big NO NO for me. What if I would cause harm and do something wrong! 😱 “That stuff” just wasn’t something I was cut out for, it wasn’t for me….or so I thought…

So I started helping people live better lives. 💃 I stayed away from talking about trauma and focused on performance and results…💪

But I soon became very aware that almost every single client that came to me had unresolved trauma and deep rooted emotional pain in their lives….

How could this be? 😱

At first I thought I had to refocus and target my audience better. I must not have my ideal client down pat yet! This wasn’t what I was suppose to help people with!?!

But the more clients I supported the more I started realising that I didn’t have the wrong message, I actually had the perfect message and the perfect clients…

I also realised I had a huge passion for trauma work. I went even deeper into my own healing and realised there was more for me there to deal with too, both personally and on a generational level. I went through my own traumas and healed them too.

I went deep, deep, deep and became obsessed with learning more tools and get an even deeper understanding about the healing process and holding space for this work to happen. And I realised I had found my place in this profession..I was home.

Now, trauma & deep emotional pain is the main thing I support people with and I love every minute of it. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone take off the burdens of their past and create a new life for themselves.

The journey is different for everyone, it’s all about supporting the client where they are at in life so they can move through and forward.

You might have an idea of what life should look like but if you are too caught up in the details you might miss out on the most amazing opportunity!

Sometimes life will show us EXACLY where we need to go, it’s our job to tune in and listen to the message.

All I’ve ever wanted in life was to help people. I used to think I knew what that looked like, but now I KNOW that my vision was merely a tiny speck of what my vision is now.

Are you listening to the message?

Open your eyes to possibilities, listen and tune in deeply. Your future will thank you for it

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