Quiet Influence

The Power of Quiet Influence: Embracing Subtle Strength in a Loud World

Ever wondered if success is all about being the loudest in the room, grabbing everyone’s attention in the midst of all that noise? In a world where being outgoing and bold is often seen as the golden ticket to success, the power of quiet influence tends to fly under the radar.

Imagine this: on one side, you’ve got the charismatic extrovert, strutting their stuff with confidence and grabbing eyeballs wherever they go. On the flip side, you’ve got the humble introvert, quietly going about their business, but leaving a lasting impression through their empathy and integrity.

Which side do you find yourself leaning towards?

And who really holds the most sway?

The truth is, both have their strengths and value. Yet, our culture tends to lean towards extroversion, sometimes brushing off the power of introversion as ineffective or insignificant.

If you resonate more with the introvert, you might feel the pressure to change or fit into the extroverted mold. But your introversion is a gift! Instead of trying to be someone you’re not, embracing the art of quiet influence can be your ticket to success.

But let’s face it, embracing quiet influence isn’t always a walk in the park. Our society often celebrates extroversion and boldness, leaving little room for the power of subtlety. To be quietly influential, you need to build trust—in yourself and in others. It takes guts to stay quiet when everyone else is speaking up, to listen deeply amidst all the noise, and to lead without seeking the spotlight.

So, what exactly is quiet influence?

At its core, quiet influence is all about empathy and understanding. Those who wield this form of influence are masters at listening attentively, tuning into the needs and concerns of others with genuine compassion and care. They create a space for open dialogue and mutual respect, fostering an environment where collaboration and cooperation thrive.

In the realm of leadership and personal development, quiet influence stands out as a beacon of authenticity and empathy. Whether it’s within holistic coaching, counselling sessions, or everyday interactions, quiet influencers cultivate spaces of trust and vulnerability. Here, individuals feel seen, heard, and empowered to grow.

Let’s face it, both extroversion and introversion have their strengths. Extroverts inject energy and enthusiasm into situations, driving action and inspiring others with their charisma. However, the relentless emphasis on extroverted qualities as the only path to success can be narrow-minded and excluding.

Quiet influence operates in a realm beyond the spotlight. It thrives on authenticity, empathy, and active listening—qualities that often get overshadowed by the clamor of extroversion. Quiet influencers don’t lead with booming voices or flashy displays of authority; rather, they possess a quiet strength that emanates from within.

By embracing the power of quiet influence, we can challenge societal norms and redefine what it means to succeed. It’s about embracing the full spectrum of our humanity, rather than conforming to a narrow definition of extroversion. In doing so, we unlock the transformative potential of quiet influence, harnessing its subtle strength to inspire positive change in ourselves and those around us.


I am leading a 3-day intensive in October where you will learn to harness the art of quiet influence. We will explore the many shades of this subtle place of power. You will learn how to embrace the strengths of both extroversion and introversion, cultivating trust and authenticity in your interactions. Through experiential exercises and reflective discussions, you will uncover practical strategies for leading with empathy, integrity, and humility. This intensive will equip you with the tools and insights to transform how you run your practice and your life. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment as we unlock the transformative potential of quiet influence together.

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