The Rise of The Enlightened Achiever.

Is this you?

  • You have a purpose in life that feels bigger than you, even if you cannot formulate it.
  • You have always pondered on the “big” questions such as “why am I here” and “what is the meaning of existence.”
  • You have a huge passion for making a difference and leaving a legacy.

If you answered YES to these questions, you might be an Enlightened Achiever.

So what actually IS an Enlightened Achiever? Let’s break it down and start unpacking the word enlightened. 

An enlightened person is someone who has seen the truth beyond physical experience. They have seen beyond their own senses and found a deeper connection to their inner being, even a connection beyond themselves. As a result, they tend to have increased compassion for others and hold a deep inner calm as they know they are connected to something bigger than themselves. Enlightened people have often had experiences of enlightenment throughout their lives. This may be in the form of a mystical experience or by having a profound transformational experience as a result of going through trauma or deep emotional turmoil in their lives. Enlightened people often live with one foot in the external/ physical world and another in the inner/ metaphysical world. As a result, they have an openness and acceptance of life and other people and can detach from preconceived norms and ideas of people, places and things. 

So what about the Achiever in Enlightened Achiever?

Achievers are driven by a passion for creating and bringing things into reality. They are self-disciplined and have a strong desire to accomplish meaningful goals. They value learning and see success as their responsibility. High achievers are resourceful and look for solutions to every problem. They are motivated and inspired by their goals and do not leave their career or future up to chance.

Putting it all together:

An Enlightened Achiever is someone who has found a deeper connection to their inner being/ god/ divine/ universe AND have a strong desire to accomplish meaningful goals that are altruistic and compassionate in nature.

We need MORE EA’s to step up and step into leadership!

But here’s the thing, if you are an EA, you will also have struggles, struggles that may feel different in comparison to others:

  • You may feel lonely on your journey through life, even if you are not alone.
  • You may find it hard to keep balance.
  • You may feel torn between your inner world and the outer world and
  • You may have lived through some emotional pain and trauma in your life that you have done a lot of work on, but that still keeps showing up.

I feel your passion, and I know your pain. I am an EA too. ❤️

I truly believe that knowing you feel deep in your soul is 100% true: YOU are here to do great things.

Are you an EA? If so, the time has never been more right for YOU to step onto the main stage of your life. The next few years will be crucial to creating a new paradigm. Whenever you’re ready, let me help you find your voice to make it happen.

Love Madelaine

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