Think creativity is only for the chosen? Think again. 

We all have the ability to tap into our creativity. In fact, creativity is what will help you heal emotional pain, AND reach your next level of success.

So, let me ask you this:

If what you are looking for is on the other side of comfort, are you ready to get messy?

You see, this is why so many of us choose NOT to explore our creative selves. It’s messy, and who wants to be that? Opening the door to thinking creatively means we open the door to a secret part of us we may not have shared with many people if any. We are afraid to look stupid, not be good enough, be laughed at, or worse, ridiculed!

But what if I told you that this part of you has the answer to everything you’re looking for? What if opening yourself up in this way will create so many positive changes in yourself that all the negative aspects won’t be more than a drop in a big ocean?

Have I convinced you yet?


  1. You have been trying to heal your emotional wounds for years, but something is still missing.
  2. You put a lot of effort into the things you care about but feel unsatisfied.
  3. You are struggling with burnout and creating balance in your life.
  4. You feel lost and are not sure you have found your purpose yet.

If you answered yes to two or more of the above, know you are not alone. Many people have lost their connection to their creative selves. Why? Mainly because we get caught up in our daily lives and start focusing on paying the bills, being responsible parents and “doing the right thing” instead of planning our next adventure! 

Don’t get me wrong: Paying your bills and being a good citizen is not bad. It’s just that we feel miserable when we exclude the other part of ourselves! So, what to do? We bring creativity back into our lives.

Let me get things straight: You DO NOT need to start singing in a band or paint the next Picasso to be more creative (although that’s an option). In fact, you do not need to change anything about your “normal” life per se.

Bringing in more of your creative self means training ourselves to be more flexible and solution-focused. It means learning to look at our problems and situations from another perspective and challenging any black and white blanket thinking so we can start seeing the shades of grey.

Photo by Ingrid Sjödahl

Put simply, being more creative is being more YOU. Yes, that’s right. Deep inside, You are a creative genius. You were born that way! We just have to reconnect you.

But how? 

Well, that’s the journey. However, my professional guess is there will be laughter, there will be moments of pure bliss, and there will most certainly be tears along the way. Oh, and your life will change.

How do I know this?

Because EVERYONE’s life changes when you go on this journey.

You will find the answers to the deep questions. You will know what to do next to create success. You will heal emotional wounds and come to understand everything about your life and why you are here in a whole new way.

It’s a big, bold statement, I know. But I have not got one inch of evidence to prove otherwise.

I have seen and experienced the positive impact connecting to the wisdom of our creative genius can do. I have witnessed and felt the healing benefits of its flow. And I would LOVE for you to experience it too. 

There’s a creative genie inside of You—and that part of you holds the answers to your healing and your next level of success.

Love Madelaine

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