To You, oh Wise Woman

To You, oh Wise Woman.

In a world that often imposes the demand for conformity and stifles our innate vitality, our inner strength can easily become obscured. Women, in particular, have often been suppressed, a result of years of societal programming and habitual living. We might have been conditioned to believe that our power must align with external expectations, compelling us to temper our inner fierceness to fit the mold.

However, deep within our very essence, a profound wellspring of wisdom and strength awaits, an inner guiding light that often remains concealed beneath the layers of everyday life. To access this abundant source of knowledge and empowerment, let us direct our focus toward the wise being residing within. May this text serve as an inspiring guide, encouraging you to rekindle the boundless energy and luminosity that perpetually seeks to radiate through the veils of conformity.

To You, Oh Wise Woman.

Time may have led you to believe that your power resides outside of you. It might have falsely convinced you that your inner fierceness needs to be contained, restrained, or altered to conform to the world’s expectations.

However, the energy and light within you cannot be suppressed indefinitely. It will always find a way to filter through and illuminate your path, and we have the choice to amplify that light or dim it; however, it can never be extinguished.

Your existence isn’t determined by your deliberate actions. It doesn’t demand constant effort or external displays. Sometimes, true vitality is discovered when you detach from distractions, idle chatter, and noise. Being alive is a natural process, harmonised with the rhythm of your breath.

Inside you resides a wise woman connected to her ancestral heritage, a woman who holds profound insights and is a seeker of deep truths. She moves forward gracefully, one barefoot step at a time, remaining mindful of each connection with the earth. She isn’t afraid to explore new paths, for she knows they lead to her future adventures and quests.

Connecting with this inner wisdom only takes a single breath, a moment of closing your eyes, and going inward. In this creative space, everything comes to life and moves in a beautiful dance, expressing itself through the art of creation. Tuning into this part of yourself brings a profound sense of certainty that everything will be okay, that nothing is wrong, and that everything will manifest at the right moment.

Take the time to embrace and acquaint yourself with this inner wisdom, for she holds the truth of existence.

🪶 Love, Madelaine

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