Top 8 Questions to Awaken Intuition In Your Clients

As a Holistic Coach and Counsellor, you play a critical role in your clients’ lives by providing guidance and support as they navigate the complexities of life. While logic and analysis have their place, intuition can also be a powerful tool for finding the answers we seek. It allows us to access our subconscious mind and gain insights that may not be readily apparent through conscious thought.

As coaches, it’s our mission to help your clients develop their intuitive skills and connect with their inner wisdom. Using the right questions can be a powerful way to achieve this. The following eight questions are designed to ignite curiosity, inspire creativity, and encourage your clients to trust their inner guidance. By incorporating these questions into your sessions, you can help your clients unlock their full potential and achieve their goals.

So, put on your coaching cape, and let’s dive into these questions together.

Unlocking Intuition: My Top 8 Questions to Guide Clients (+ Bonus Question)

QUESTION NUMBER ONE: “Where in your body do you feel that?”
– Our bodies have an innate wisdom that can provide us with valuable information about our emotions and intuition. When we experience an emotion or feeling, our body often responds with physical sensations in a specific area. For example, when we feel anxious, we might feel tightness in our chest or a pit in our stomach. By paying attention to these sensations and exploring them further, we can gain insight into our underlying emotions and the messages our body is sending us.

When we ask our clients “where in your body do you feel that?” we are inviting them to connect with their physical sensations and explore them further. This can help them gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and intuition, and make decisions that are in alignment with their true desires. By tuning into their gut or heart, they can access their intuition and make decisions that align with their values and desires.

For example, a client may be considering a new job opportunity. They notice they feel excited about the position, however they also notice a knot in their stomach. By exploring this physical sensation and asking themselves why they feel that way, they may discover that the job is not in alignment with their values or may be causing them to feel anxious about a certain aspect of the position. This awareness can guide them in making a decision that is in alignment with their true desires and values.

QUESTION NUMBER TWO: “If you did know, what would the answer be?”
– Sometimes, our conscious mind can get in the way of accessing our intuition, as we become too focused on analyzing information logically. This question encourages clients to imagine that they already have the answer they seek, and to consider what their intuition would tell them if they were able to access it.

By asking this question, you are helping clients bypass their logical mind and connect with their subconscious. This can be particularly helpful when clients are feeling stuck or unsure of what to do, as it can open up new perspectives and possibilities that were not previously considered.

This question can also help clients connect with their spiritual side by encouraging them to consider what their innermost self would advise them to do. This can be a powerful way for clients to access their intuition and make decisions that are in alignment with their true desires and values.

QUESTION NUMBER THREE: “What does your gut/heart feel?”
– The gut and heart are often associated with intuition and emotions, respectively. By asking clients to tune into their gut or heart, a practitioner can encourage them to pay attention to their body’s physical sensations and emotional responses, which can provide valuable insights about their true desires and values.

For example, if a client is trying to decide whether to take a job offer or not, asking them what their gut or heart feels can help them connect with their intuition and consider how they truly feel about the decision. If their gut feels tight or uneasy, it may indicate that the decision is not in alignment with their values or desires.

On the other hand, if their heart feels light or excited, it may indicate that the decision is a good fit for them. Asking clients to tune into their gut or heart can also help them differentiate between their intuition and their logical mind. While the logical mind may try to rationalise e a decision based on facts and data, the gut or heart can provide a more holistic and intuitive perspective that takes into account emotions, values, and desires.

QUESTION NUMBER FOUR: “If your soul could speak, what would it say?”
– The question, “If your soul could speak, what would it say?” is a powerful one that encourages clients to access their spiritual or innermost self. This question prompts individuals to consider what they truly want and what resonates with their deepest values, beliefs, and desires. It encourages clients to tap into their intuition and access their inner wisdom to make decisions that are authentic and in alignment with their true self.

By asking clients to imagine their soul speaking, the question encourages a sense of introspection and contemplation. It prompts individuals to go beyond their conscious mind and connect with their subconscious mind, which is often where intuition and deeper insights reside. When clients access this inner voice, they can gain clarity and perspective on their situation, leading to more informed and aligned decision-making.

This question can also help clients consider their life purpose and meaning. By connecting with their soul, clients may gain a greater sense of their unique path and the values they hold dear. They may be able to identify patterns or themes in their life that have been leading them towards a particular direction. The question can also help clients consider their spiritual beliefs and the role that spirituality plays in their decision-making process.

QUESTION NUMBER FIVE: “If the wisest person you know had a message, what would they say about this?”
– By thinking about what the wisest person they know would say about a particular situation or decision, clients can tap into the wisdom and guidance of their role models. This can help them gain new insights, broaden their perspective, and make decisions that are aligned with their values and desires.

Sometimes, when we are too close to a situation, it can be challenging to see it objectively or find a way forward. By considering the advice of a wise and trusted person, clients can gain a new perspective and find clarity on what steps they should take next. Additionally, this question can help clients reflect on the values and qualities that they admire in others, which can inspire them to cultivate those qualities in themselves. Ultimately, this question can help clients access their inner wisdom and make decisions that are aligned with their authentic self.

QUESTION NUMBER SIX: “How do you feel when you think about x?”
– Emotions play a significant role in decision-making and problem-solving, and asking clients how they feel when they think about a particular situation or decision can help them connect with their emotions and gain a deeper understanding of their values, desires, and intuition.

Sometimes, clients may not be fully aware of their emotions or may have difficulty expressing them. As a therapist or coach, it’s important to create a safe and non-judgmental space where clients feel comfortable exploring their emotions. This may involve asking follow-up questions or using techniques like mindfulness or visualization to help clients tune into their feelings.

By connecting with their emotions, clients can gain a more holistic understanding of their situation and make decisions that align with their values and desires, rather than solely relying on logic or external expectations. Additionally, exploring emotions can help clients identify and address any underlying emotional blocks or barriers that may be preventing them from achieving their goals or living a fulfilling life.

QUESTION NUMBER SEVEN: “What are you curious about?”
– Asking clients what they are curious about can help them access their natural inclination to learn and explore new things. When we are curious, we are open to new experiences and ideas, and we are more likely to seek out opportunities for growth and expansion. Encouraging clients to explore their curiosity can help them tap into their inner wisdom and creativity by uncovering hidden desires and interests.

Through exploring their curiosity, clients can gain valuable insights about themselves and the world around them. They may discover new passions or talents, uncover limiting beliefs that are holding them back, or gain a deeper understanding of their values and priorities. By tapping into their curiosity, clients can access their intuition and develop a stronger sense of self-awareness, leading to greater clarity and purpose in their lives.

QUESTION NUMBER EIGHT: “How can you show up as the best version of yourself in this moment?”
– This question can be particularly powerful in times of challenge or uncertainty, as it prompts clients to shift their focus from external circumstances to their internal state. By asking themselves how they can show up as the best version of themselves, clients are encouraged to consider how they can stay grounded, centered, and true to themselves in the face of adversity. This can help them cultivate a sense of resilience, adaptability, and self-awareness, which can be essential for navigating difficult situations and making meaningful progress toward their goals.

As clients explore their response to this question, they may identify specific actions or behaviors that can help them embody their best self in the moment. For example, they may commit to practicing self-care, setting healthy boundaries, or communicating more authentically with others. By taking intentional steps to show up as their best self, clients may find that they are better able to cope with stress, connect with others, and make progress toward their goals.


QUESTION NUMBER NINE: “What’s your main insight about this situation?”
– I use this questions in almost all sessions in one way or another. Why? Because it’s so powerful! When clients answer this question, they are forced to confront their situation from a new perspective and consider all the factors at play. This can lead to a deeper understanding of themselves and their situation, and ultimately help them make more informed decisions. Additionally, the insights gained from this question can provide a starting point for further exploration and growth. Clients may discover new strengths, values, or desires that they can use to guide their decision-making process moving forward. Ultimately, this question encourages clients to engage in a deeper level of self-reflection and gain valuable insights that can guide their path towards greater success and fulfillment.

So, there you have it, folks – a treasure trove of powerful questions that can supercharge your coaching sessions and help your clients tap into their intuition! These questions are like magical keys that unlock the doors to greater self-awareness, personal growth, and success.

By encouraging your clients to think deeply about their emotions, values, and inner wisdom, you can help them unleash their full potential and achieve their wildest dreams. So, go ahead and give these questions a spin in your next session – your clients will thank you for it!

Love, Madelaine

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