Want to Have More Success? Stay In Your Comfort Zone!

Here’s a Truth Most High Achievers Need To Hear:

Magic happens when you stay INSIDE of your comfort zone!! ⭕️

Yep, you don’t have to push yourself outside your comfort to create results.

“But Madelaine, people say life happens beyond your comfort zone?”

Well, that’s not always true..

Ambitious people have a distorted idea of their comfort zone and often push way beyond what’s necessary. They think living beyond their boundaries is the only way to get results. WRONG.

Ambitious people tend to have a bigger comfort zone than other people.


Most High Achievers work too hard and have too many things on their plate. In turn, they END UP DOING a lot (high on effort), but their impact is minimal.

Where are you on the Effort/ Impact continuum?

If you are a High Achiever, here’s a powerful question to lean into:

How much LESS can you Do to create MORE Impact?

Let’s look at how this question may play out in real life:

For a month, let “pushing beyond your comfort zone” be about leaning into your discomfort of doing less instead of taking action. Challenge your fear of stillness and observe what happens…

This is how you find your “Place of Magic” between impact and effort. 

Your next creative idea may come from within your boundaries…

What’s one insight you had reading this?

Love Madelaine ❤️‍🔥

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