Discovering Balance

The Nordic Way of Mindfulness PART 4: Discovering Balance

“Hey Mum, what are those hills over there?” I asked, my young voice brimming with curiosity.

A tender smile graced her lips as her gaze followed my outstretched finger towards the distant hills. “What you’re looking at, dear, is a resting place for our ancestors from many, many years ago. Back when Vikings roamed this land, they laid their loved ones to rest here, and those hills mark the spots where those brave Vikings were buried.”

As a child, I stared at those hills, my eyes wide with wonder. In my mind, I conjured images of fierce warriors and whispered tales etched into the very earth beneath my feet. Yet, back then, I couldn’t fathom the significance of those rolling mounds. Little did I know, those hills cradled the echoes of a history that would one day weave the tapestry of my own identity.
Rune Stone From One of The Nearby Islands I grew up. Image Link

My childhood unfolded in a serene coastal town along Sweden’s western shores. With every step I took in nature, the memories of my ancestors enveloped me. Stone carvings adorned with ancient Runes, the writing of the Vikings who once called this land home, seemed to appear magically on my path.

In those early years, the weight of history felt distant and abstract, a part of everyday life that I took for granted. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I began to grasp the profound significance of my heritage. Sweden’s history is a treasure trove of stories, a legacy that weaves its way through the traditions and values I was raised with.

In the allure of adolescence, I felt a pull to explore beyond my Swedish roots. The norms of Jante’s Law and the principle of Lagom, embracing a balanced approach, felt like boundaries to be pushed against. Sweden’s cultural fabric is interwoven with these principles, fostering a society that values equilibrium and sustainability. Yet, in my youthful enthusiasm, I yearned for the thrill of “more is better.” This impulse led me on a journey around the world, culminating in a new life I built in Australia.

Now, with the passage of time, the value of Lagom has revealed itself to me. A bout of burnout, brought on by my own ceaseless drive, prompted a reevaluation. I reconnected with my roots and found solace in a more measured way of living. This path, rooted in the essence of Nordic balance, yielded unexpected benefits. Embracing the middle ground not only nurtures creativity but also amplifies life’s pleasures.

Nordic living, as I’ve come to realise, is a marvel that gracefully bridges the gap between our inner selves and the very Earth we tread upon. It’s a jubilant celebration of community, underscored by a heartfelt promise to both cherish and nurture the vitality of our planet. In its gentle summons, we’re invited to thrive within a harmonious equilibrium, dancing to the rhythm that intricately aligns with the essence of the land.

The beauty of this mindfulness isn’t restrained by the boundaries of Eastern philosophies alone; its essence is woven into the fabric of diverse cultures, including our cherished Norvick heritage. And as you harness its transformative power, a sense of serenity envelopes you, guiding every piece of life’s puzzle into a harmonious place.

Are you prepared to step onto this path of enduring wisdom and profound connection?

Are you ready to release the constant pursuit of “more” and instead embrace the exquisite balance that life offers?

Is this your moment to cultivate your own interpretation of Lagom and in doing so, craft an extraordinary existence that harmonises with the rhythms of life?

If so, allow me to accompany you as your guide. Together, we’ll navigate this transformative journey towards a life enriched by the essence of Lagom.

I Frid, Madelaine. 💛

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