Resilience: Your Secret Weapon for Leadership Success

Understanding Resilience in Leadership In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective leadership requires more than just strategic vision and decision-making prowess. It demands the ability to navigate uncertainty, adapt to unforeseen challenges, and inspire teams to persevere in the face of adversity. At the core of this essential leadership skill set lies resilience—a quality that… Read More Read More

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Successful Practise Introvert

Help! How can I Build a Successful Practise When I’m an Introvert!

Welcome to #AskMadelaine, where we fearlessly explore the questions swirling in your mind about life, the world, and our very existence. Have a burning question for Madelaine? Share it with us at, using the subject line “Modern Visdom” (not misspelled – it’s Swedish for wisdom). We can’t wait to hear from you. Building a… Read More Read More

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Nordic Minimalism

Exploring the Power of Nordic Minimalism

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the constant hustle and bustle of modern life? I certainly have. It wasn’t until I experienced burnout and found myself in the emergency room with a heart racing at over 25,000 extra beats every 24 hours that I realised something had to change. As I navigate my own journey… Read More Read More

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Nordic Minimalism: Embracing Simplicity in a Modern World

Recently, I’ve noticed that life seems to be flying past so fast. I feel like I’m bombarded with information, tasks, to-do lists, and distractions more than ever. I’ve been delving deep and analysing why I feel so overwhelmed and cluttered in my mind lately. Sure, having a family and being a business owner keeps you… Read More Read More

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Quiet Influence

The Power of Quiet Influence: Embracing Subtle Strength in a Loud World

Ever wondered if success is all about being the loudest in the room, grabbing everyone’s attention in the midst of all that noise? In a world where being outgoing and bold is often seen as the golden ticket to success, the power of quiet influence tends to fly under the radar. Imagine this: on one… Read More Read More

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Re-learning Empowerment: Unleashing Mental Wellbeing By Finding Your True Voice

Your voice is more than just a tool for communication; it is deeply intertwined with your mental wellbeing. Many individuals grapple with the fear of expressing their true voice—standing up for themselves and speaking their truth. This journey of re-learning empowerment and articulating one’s authentic self can seem intangible or even daunting, particularly for those… Read More Read More

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Dark Empath

Exposing the Dark Empath: Exploring the Enigma of a Potentially Dangerous Personality

Ever wondered if the dark empath could be lurking in the shadows of your everyday life, quietly weaving their intricate webs of influence? Join me as we venture into the depths of this intriguing personality type, unraveling the mystery of who they are, what traits define them, and where they might hide in plain sight.… Read More Read More

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Holiday Celebration

Embracing Lagom for a Heartfelt Holiday Celebration

A Mindful Journey through Festive Delights As we tiptoe into the holiday season, the air carries the promise of joy, the warmth of shared moments, and the enchanting glow of twinkling lights. This time holds a special place in our hearts—a season of connection, reflection, and the anticipation of delightful experiences. However, amid the allure… Read More Read More

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Earth Listens – A Nordic Mindfulness Perspective into Earth’s Enduring Wisdom

“Earth holds all the wisdom; it’s been listening since the beginning of time. No book can hold as much wisdom, and no human calculations can quantify it. “– Madelaine Vallin In the rhythm of our lives, we often perceive ourselves as the primary listeners, attuned to the sounds of the world. However, in the grand… Read More Read More

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Navigate life’s troubled waters like a Viking!

Ahhh, Icelandic Spar. A stone believed to be deeply rooted in the Nordic mystique, and today, I’m thrilled to share the arrival of this enchanting crystal in my mailbox! 📦💎 This Icelandic Spar holds a captivating history, woven into the very fabric of Viking navigation—a tale of mythical “solar stones” guiding seafarers through tempestuous seas.… Read More Read More

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