The Rise of The Enlightened Achiever – Part two, The Dreamer.

Welcome to part two of the Enlightened Aciever Series. In part one, we defined the Enlightened Achiever. Today we will break down the Dreamer in the EA Quadrant. We will discuss how to recognise this archetype within ourselves and other and I will give you a tool to help you move from Dreamer to Enlightened Achiever.

Are you Dreamer?

Is your client (or you) struggling to commit? Are they full of ideas but never get things done? They may be a classic Dreamer! Dreamers are one of the 3Ds in the Enlightened Achiever (EA) Quadrant. They sit high up in the left-hand corner, meaning they are medium to high in spirituality and low on the achievement scale.

Dreamers have a good sense of purpose and are full of “castle-builder” ideas. Here’s how to recognise them:

  • Dreamers come up with great ideas, they just don’t know how to make them reality
  • They love creating but being a achiever feels too hard
  • They start things but never finish, more time than they care to admit they never start at all 
  • They use the “if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be” phrase weekly, if not daily
  • Dreamers would rather visualise, journal and do affirmations than physically make things happen

Can you think of anyone like this? Maybe you have some of these tendencies as well. If you do, fret no longer. Let me help you take the first steps and finally get some of those ideas off the ground.

From Dreamer to Enlightened Achiever.

So let’s look at what it is that makes dreamers not being able to move things into the physical reality: ACTION.

You see, most dreamers only live in the visionary world. They are good at creating in their own head and putting ideas together, but that’s all they’ll ever do unless they learn how to take action. 

The greatest obstacle for a Dreamer.

So why does the Dreamer not take action? What can possibly be the reason for not pursuing their vision? Let us look at the extensive list:

  • Procrastination, from an underlying Fear of Failure.
  • Imposter Syndrome, from an underlying Fear of Failure.
  • Laziness, from an underlying, you guessed it, Fear of Failure.

See a pattern here? The main thing stopping the Dreamer in life is Fear of Failure, or FOF.

So there’s good and bad news about this: The bad news is that the reason they feel FOF is because we have a 40,000+ year-old brain programmed to look for danger to keep us safe, which creates fear of taking action so that we do not DIE. Well, we will probably not die taking action, but your brain does a pretty good job trying to convince you otherwise. 

The good news however is that there is no long list to go through to try and fix your trouble with taking action; there’s only one agenda, FOF!

Dealing with FOF

If you have been one of my clients or students you know I do not promote myself as an accountability coach. So I’m not going to try and convince you that your fear isn’t real. I’m not even going to tell you it will go away. The truth is, your FOF is real! And it probably won’t go away, EVER! But here’s the thing: Because it will probably never go away, you will not need to work on trying to remove it. You do not have to remove your FOF to take action; you just need to accept it’s part of who you are. You may be surpirsed to hear it, but there are actually some positives to FOF:

  • It keeps you humble (so you won’t start thinking you are above anyone else)
  • It keeps you focused (so you will be vigilant and change direction BEFORE you fail)
  • It keeps you present (so you can stay… well, present on the task at hand)

Can you see the GIFTS of FOF? It helps keep you on the path. So befriend your FOF. Give it space, and be grateful to have it in your life. Once you change your perspective around your FOF, it will not have such a hold on you anymore. 

And here’s another perspective on failure to mess with your thinking: The ONLY way to become a failure is to constantly avoid taking action on your dreams and not listen to your own inner guidance. If you think about it, this is what the Dreamer is doing right now…by staying a Dreamer; they are actually becoming what they fear the most: A failure. By taking action on your ideas and worrying less if they are 100% right all the time you AVOID faliure.

Are you feeling ready to move from Dreamer to Enlightened Achiever? Here’s a tool you can use right now to help you move from Dreamer to Enlightened Achiever:

1: Take a few minutes to tune into your inner guidance.

2: When ready, ask: “What’s one thing I would enjoy bringing into reality.” 

3: Listen for the answer. Then, in your mind, visualise it coming to full fruition. What does it feel like seeing it come into reality? Tune into what comes up for you. 

4: Take one SMALL action that represents you saying YES to your vision. 

I would love to know, what stirred inside of you reading this. 

Next time we will be looking at the second D in the EA Quadrant; The Default-Living Drone

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