The Letting Go Project (and my curious visitor)

Last weekend I spent some time at the beach with the wind and the waves. I went with a mission to create a mandala-style creative artwork to mark the end of an era and help me step into the next phase wholeheartedly. I knew I wanted to make the mandala close enough to the ocean so that the waves would sweep it away overnight. I collected pieces for my mandala and found a beautiful secluded spot to create.

As I was done and sat there journalling and watching my creation, a crab suddenly decided to appear. I watched as it walked towards the mandala, stepped into it, and finally positioned itself on the rock next to it to get a good view of what I had created.
It may sound crazy, but I felt like the crab was sending me a message telling me it was time to let go. So I stood up, turned away from the mandala and didn’t look back. As I walked, I felt a huge sense of release. I knew I had let go of the past with love. I stopped to jump into the waves and submerge myself in the salty ocean. Then I opened my voice and sang to the sea the whole way home.
Expressing ourselves creatively is one of the most beautiful ways to approach the goodness and the heartaches of life.
Creativity never judges, it knows what you need and it never gives you what you cannot handle.
When we turn our backs to our creative selves, we may not notice any adverse effects at first. Often it’s not until we reconnect with our creative selves we see what we have been missing!
Creativity heals.
Creativity nourishes.
Creativity makes the unconscious conscious and connects us to the expanded version of ourselves.
No healing can fully take place without tuning into its wisdom.
I hope you have experienced the power of your creative self. And if not, I hope this inspires you to start the journey.
Loving you ♥️♥️
PS: I captured the crab as it explored my mandala. Can you see him in the pictures?


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