To You, the Budding Empathpreneur. ❤️

Being an empath and a ‘new’ entrepreneur can feel frustrating and confusing. The ‘normal’ way to build a business might feel totally foreign to us and can cause us to seek advice from so-called ‘experts’ when we start out.
You just want to support people; you don’t want to have to sell or promote yourself, right!?
I have spent many tens of $1000’s dollars on programs and courses that claim they will show you the best way to grow your business, and let me tell you; there is an abundance of courses out there enticing you to join their tribe:
  • “6 steps to 6 figures in 6 months!” (or 7 steps to 7 figures etc.)
  • Hustle your way to profit; it makes you rich AND happy! 👍
  • Write articles to grow your business!
  • Get X amounts of followers and grow your business and influence with 7 steps!
  • Make an impact and earn multiple 6 figures by finding your “heroes journey”!
  • Build perfect funnel/s to find your audience!
  • Use Facebook, Facebook groups, Instagram, Linkedin, (fill in the blank) to build your businesses and brand!!!
And so it goes….
So why didn’t any of these courses actually help me to build my business? I have spent many evenings pulling my hair out in frustration whilst screaming,’ why is this not working?!?!?’
It’s not that at least some programs had some value.
It’s not that they didn’t give out any information. In fact, some of the programs gave me a ton of knowledge and was very interesting.
The reason none of them worked is that none of them was built for the business I wanted to build… none of them was built for me, the Empath Entrepreneur.
You see, Empathpreneur is not just a cool title; we are wired differently:
⛔️ We do not benefit from hustling and pushing
👍 We need to be authentic and always keep our integrity in order to sell
📌 We are natural leaders, born to stick out and do not fit into a mould easily (or even want to)
Becoming an Empathpreneur takes courage and dedication.
Empathpreneurs think differently from other entrepreneurs. We are a rare breed of people with a deep desire to help others AND hold a desire to step up and carve our own path.
Like other entrepreneurs, we benefit from help, but not just any help:
We need help from people that understands us and will not try and change us. We need trusted confidants that will hold us to our word, remind us of our greatness and help us release negative self-talk and self-doubt so we can do what we came here to do: make the world a better place.
Make sure you choose the right people in your corner and don’t be afraid to hire them because they hold skills and knowledge you don’t have. But make sure they understand your vision, honour your greatness and help you ease through your limitations.
Love, Madelaine

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