You’re not broken; You’ve been broken into.

Broken VS Being Broken Into – A Shift In Mindset That Could Alter The Recovery Process Of Burnout.

When we go through burnout, it’s easy to feel like damaged goods. And to be fair, if there is one time we are entitled to feel broken, it’s when we have hit rock bottom.

However, journeying through recovery, I’ve realised that feeling broken isn’t helpful when healing from burnout. Instead, it can make you feel even worse and prolong your recovery.

I pondered a lot during y recovery journey on the difference between being broken and having been broken into. This distinction supported me greatly along the way; perhaps it will help you too.

Broken VS Broken Into:

– Being broken means we cannot be put back together again without scars; Being broken into means, we have an opportunity for a new way of seeing and being that, if we choose, will transform our lives.

– Being broken means being in pain, unable to fully recover; Being broken into means not avoiding but feeling the pain whilst being guided and comforted by the light at the end of the tunnel.

– Being broken makes the hurt feel stuck & permanent; Being broken into hints, you have been given the blueprint of your soul’s purpose and the opportunity to shift to an even more fulfilling future.

Now don’t get me wrong, burnout causes tremendous pain and discomfort. It can cause immense grief, loss, fear, anxiety, and depression.

It takes time to recover and to gain energy back to full capacity. When we are in it, we might have had moments contemplating if it happened because we have lived life “too large”. It may even cause us to start believing we should stop being so darn passionate and creative to avoid this ever happening again.

But this did not happen because you are too creative or too passionate, and it probably did not happen because you are living “too large”, either.

Personally, it happened because I forgot to recover between my stints of tremendous periods of flow states.

It happened because I forgot to fill up my recovery bucket 🪣 and instead tried to energise myself by being more in flow when my body told me to stop, breathe and check in (more on that another day).

It happened because I forgot all humans are like batteries 🔋 that need recharging, even me.

Even though we are capable of literally anything, on this planet, there is also a part of all of us that is 💯 human… with human needs and requirements… (if you are a high achiever, read that sentence again).

Personally, burnout has been a gift, albeit painful and, at times, absolutely terrifying.

Why a gift?

Because all I’ve been through lately has helped me to peel another layer off.

It’s helped me deepen my practice and connect to my soul purpose.

It’s helped me to connect deeper with others, and it’s guided me to remember why I’m here on this planet and deeply connect to my soul purpose.

If you are dealing with burnout right now, remember this:

The universe doesn’t give you anything you cannot handle. You are stronger than you might believe. You WILL get through this.

You are NOT broken; you have been broken INTO a new dimension of yourself. It’s a 1% shift in mindset that can change your life.

You’ve got this.

Love YOU. ♥️

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